oh yeah welcome to another video today we're at bridge number four an area we've never been to before so should be interesting Chinese got some pink on his first bottle what the hell is that that's a nice feeling look no it's got a cover on it wow I don't know just yeah that's a bowling ball wow wow careful is sames divorce informed on your first pro first for a good feeling about a I feel in the water I want amazing he's done beautiful I reckon that was Nick Dean he's first fryer is brilliant oh my god I can't believe that Wow cool Guangzhou keep bringing I mean he loves say don't yeah yeah the price Tyson anyway oh my god obviously that's not real because that wouldn't stick it's a costume jewelry uni that's our first is it necklace necklace yeah you think oh no listen even - oh god hang on I'm taking the notice to the gunman just looking I know this - mixes there's gotta be more that's a couple necklaces or anything I know yeah of excited I look oh my god Wow yeah you've got it I mean my point oh my god again stakes are high do you want to come back to that as well gotta tease yeah what have you got your summer oh he's got some a down though he says keep digging or whatever you call it he's got a park you go Philip self-locking away there we go yes Pete your nickname at work is flipper say you always always liked water didn't it all songs not ever thank you oh there's bubbles bubbles we like bubbles come on that's it oh okay a bottom could turn there we go how you doing up there Joe cool cool cool he's so chuffed about that that's brilliant this just popped up out the water while I'm trying to pull out by breeze yeah just popped into the chapel of water that is it that is so not the joy box in it and this is what you just want that necklace in it yeah awfully but the song down there there's something down there and as I slipped off this pot to the surface so you've not that oh he's got somehow same sort of happy look at him go strong bite whoa yeah let me see ah you know I'm gonna get out the way go Ronnie oh my god what Rosa oh that's not a safe easy Oh watch the gun guys think so check yourself up take a man I don't know what it is is it really happy that oh yeah oh look at that's the door that's see I know what's army that is the front of the drawer oh he's calling all over you if you're gonna go I say no it's nothing inscribed on it but it was coming out of it so whoever it's some sort of CC that is some sort of safe in it yeah I've done away with it some modern electronic safe slush that well no no green she's all the wires in it yeah no she picking them can you reach that Oh drivers coming oh god this feeling it's got some sort of circuit board inside it so it's got some sort of lock on it unique for anyone watching no yeah this would be I've gotten there oh [Music] [Laughter] no he won't walk an important yeah oh I know what its lavash don't drop me Oh English own names that's recent give this soon you know it to the place obviously sees some lots 200 songs in it dead I'm saying own are quite excited I feel so sorry for you ever date it's a checkbook don't really sound wealthy go wow you did now at least we can achieve novelist of hard drive hard drive well that's not my job oh yeah just one pp other thing that'll work again yes I need a bowl of water then watch meeting verba - I don't think oh is it oh yeah maybe you should know Joseph those years of government consider oh my god then dad's here it's a lock-in it I know starts filling I think my opposite yes oh look all that slushy man somehow interesting so efficiently the hard drive this oh that does think oh my god oh and God the paperwork there I'm not gonna share that yeah you smooching it worse rolls for training to the parking of vehicles we be oh you're not filming that seriously oh god yeah why don't people oh my lipstick he's plastic me oh no it's a ball it's little and don't film that because you spot a register yeah actually oh uh that's a bracelet that's price it's what we do what high loving your house I fear this ship should be under seed poor woman looks pricey I mean I know it's it's only gonna be cost all of their character yes only cost you Joel really others a boxer yeah that took call to vote out for the valuable sit on a jewelry and just left or D we're still going oh my god did he look it's with the sunshine it's gonna be on don't worry it's gone in so on the globe I always think we're not night move this info still carry was so shady that's a nice acting there's no more mystery honey stay put oh you have time escaped your court summer time you backed right here oh you can have to Sochi oh nice a house case isn't it no no padlocks I write government's breath hundred percent mi5 have to take right I saw snow mean it I'm gonna bring you back when he's completely empty so it's take a bit so long honey yeah bring the back you go pop yeah yeah it's gonna go down there there he goes it's got a little wheel ah a little shopping trolley a song I mean yeah you can expect me speak to me swings okay then you still go for this donkey oh yeah I'm a funny statement but of course still be over stuff down there Phil so I recommend them just come out of here yeah just feel what I'm top dog that it's absolutely stinks for me and this is what they call Phil they need your PC pieces of discussing music they just don't feel like happy we me go find my dad Oh jive just popped whatever you about you AB not don't know I'm gone yes wrote it's gonna hold in it I don't know don't know oh my god there's another one for the place again yeah what is it look at nice name Jamie not James Bond come on the old enemy for sure I've only first got look how he thinks he's James Bond there we go I haven't got a clue what goodies anything anything you know not your back so anyone wants to comment about that one please do know I'm glad it's a salty but very scary Valley yeah shot some others just stop messing about thank you oh my god jag what else you gonna bring gamma camera for you that's an Audi sees this maybe it's enough one see what they're bringing Jay's still trying to pull that in Philly passport coin there are two get is a five-day in it yeah I'm Sam I never player is this this is the ice key in your pocket you pocket money don't get opportunity only that nice no you couldn't a lot years ago Alka template mix you get loads of sites you five payments yeah you get those sweets don't forget I was around on the offer pieces here and the tune our p6 / Sawasdee kha oh yeah you stir everything what is that there see no just trying each point huh it's gotta be oh she's a small bridge sir isn't it cute is very quiet say yeah I like it Oh what's he got you look that overall it's not good man but it's a little stand yes got it yeah it does look like a stand like a lampshade stand or something I don't know but yeah that's still locked that's not yeah don't let go you might little bit that's all she's this lad eight doors got good stuff so yeah yeah is it yes how's it feel heavy yep oh definitely oh it's so cute no one knows if we can lock Wow London will tap that urban Avila investigate you know anything there is some in those Oh like those on something beside as long as it don't block off oh yes evil was real Oh oh I look like a bum we have got the best one in the world you know this is old enough she'll be I'm sure she'll be coming yeah is that actually going to the bottom jaw what do you got he's he's got state okay bring him get back when they're on it again honey oh no they both come off it oh that's heavy intake you really have okay Ronny okay back again Oh guys got it oh my god what the hell yes I know I'll grab them filled books that's come out of it Oh No I've got sky squeak where's your hook oh my god I'll bring you back in a bit oh my god that took all of us to get me seen it's a big what's it safe we're paperwork and God knows what and there was something expensive in that that's like a necklace case but that one side then only Crawley's what's up what's bad let's go drop the foot pipe working are they again now is clean oh my goodness it was so bad tip all the water out there 1971 1981 Wow yeah I've been down there forever in offense that taste actually kick the water right okay and if I move these small oh hey okey okey no wait oh it's still stuff coming out before then I wanna go back in I mean there's just loads a pipe working this in MJB oh it's a little burn rockin earring box very well put the hook oh you got it oh you're gonna have to hurry because smokers yes Nelson s-sorry oh down yeah awesome box there is smiles in there oh and they see ya oh [Music] thanks George whatever was that a little excitement for you dear yeah all three of us you DeeDee now we've got a tithing or this off so yeah my hands are filthy if you can see that yeah I've got no gloves on but you know you have to do these I'll see if it is cleaned all up there and this is what I got out and it's just all funky stuff put paper in bags oh all the time to put some every yeah which is heavy again what the keys that's not what you is going forth don't think not bless Hey oh yeah so Drive yeah I got all this look at the bubbles what is it quality strict quality straight teen what somebody was thinking okay oh oh oh let me I'm enjoys right so I'm gonna go run on this right is it things I thought I this can i light things up it's gotta be that although the bubbles there was alright a little bracket and some monkeys you oh you got some bottle caps aperture is that's that's in vanished know what if he knows you see what's in each of its a little one jar you get it down a very someone people bring it back whinnies go policy can you bend down filly with fire sighs they're just full of paperwork yeah obviously yeah but its enormous easy it's really thinking that oh god yeah Oh at least you got it Jack oh you dropped it even though I bet you little something oh it's about me to try careful but there was something in that night yeah chocolates hahahaha as I Pauly silt try doing it go okay let's see if you can get on me again did you see what it was Jeffrey deed or a fridge - or like oh you might need help English something especially bees a dwarf oh no he's got it okay it's a size doll that used I've got a fridge door oh okay Oh Sees I don't want you going out okay it is a safe door that is neat oh here he goes one fully careful that is the proper door I'm pretty safe was it just good fun you've got some good phones here find the rest of it I'm joking oh oh he's some feet happy oh it's building you my government's good to thee there's a little legend muttering under the ledger oh and it's sealed is it yeah it is it sailed I'm gonna be show good thank you does it feel so there's anything unique no not really so you could have been a punt it's just yeah I mean I find again I try to Jay's got some water oh he won in it oh that's um that might be like the chimney finger through the barge the flute yeah so are we calling it down at all yeah try and get some yeah but we will people this is a brilliant spot so we're gonna go home clear everything calm and we will show you as usual and hopefully get into the safe let me show you what we got so okay see you in a bit of course yes sir I would look at what we've got for today there's some really interesting stuff over there we've got some computer stuff the hard drive and a DVD watch on to the interesting stuff we have the big size door couldn't actually form the rest of it but never mind we have safe yeah there's just paperwork in that one this one you actually see we put all the stuff yeah oh this is my exciting actually you'll read it you guys obviously not really nothing else plastic if you can that's interesting what we find in there so if you can continue move it over it does say 1939 to 1945 ani yeah well that was very interesting yeah these hard drives come out of that box and then they're really really interesting they don't it's the gun okay good none of us talk of going here I don't know anything around it might be a potato gun yeah this is exciting as well these if you look can you see on the handle you guys see the bathroom yeah and that's the probably say that wrong so for beau not coming to the cash boxes which we did have to break into yeah this one was really heavy and it rattled so we managed to get it open and it was clicked bited the heaviness was door handles right why for self door angles being a self no I was soaked easy me I have no idea but stealth it's all the fun it's all good so that's all ur and are exciting finds my first good okay well guys so that's what we found today it was really interesting real fun day tonight I'm going back there we definitely going back there for round two so watch out for part two coming up so don't forget to like subscribe leave a comment if you wish so thanks for watching so till the next adventure see you soon