oh good morning everybody we are in Kansas still doing a little bit different video today so we actually are the idea of doing some catfishing but it just didn't really work out so now we're thinking what can we do for a video and I'm with Bobby guy from Bobby guy films we're in Kansas right now we're gonna be doing some different some magnet fishing okay so we're gonna be going around right now we're in a city basically downtown and we're gonna be looking for whatever we can find anything that gets sucked up by a magnet and then we're gonna trust it in for spot we're gonna do like some popular fishing docks some urban creeks stuff like that we're just gonna see what we find again it was just kind of like let's just explore this city I've never been here to do this type of thing and if you guys liked it let me know and I'll do it back in Omaha and we can just kind of keep this going as like a thing do you guys enjoy so let me know but look at this howdy howdy howdy howdy howdy what have you got you got to show the folks at home what we got okay let's check it out so right here yeah how big is the help we got remnants from the last one buddy as a giant so right here we have an eleven hundred and fifty pound magnet 1,150 pounds that this bad boy can pull lift yeah okay and then here we have an eight hundred thirty-six pound pole magnet so between these two we got a lot of panel polling going on so that is what we are rolling with if 1,100 pounds an 800 hello 1152 836 that's a lot of strength I mean that's like we're lifting big big objects potentially so you can you can feel them vibin are they vibing right now I've been positive vibe that's good so like I said Bobby got Austin we got the man John from in knock out doors and we're gonna see we can find we're also gonna literally run around the city and run around some ponds some lake some docks truck these suckers and we'll see we find well here we go ladies this is the is a state hundred pounder alright so I'm rockin with the 836 this should be interesting look at this oh yes we have three dudes walking through a city park with magnets and gloves and I don't know have gloves well I'll be alright well I'm born ready alright first toss here goes nothing this is really interesting oh wow some decent rocks down there first nothing what you do is you just give it a nice little dangle here you pull it along nice and slow like let it stay on the bottom never know find a murder weapon I don't know what that is first time of the day bungee cord with a piece of metal on the end I don't know so what do you what do you do with with like this stuff what do you got phone dude like my singing have you call it a castle yeah bond sale I was like I could just feel it no way oh that was one casted first pot I fine you gotta be kidding me it's off to a great start now this becomes a competition real quick because now I'm win how in the hell am I gonna I don't know I don't know how we're gonna be bond sells gonna win this because uh Wow fully good at everything said you guys if you guys like this let me know but I'm gonna fishing Oh what did I get I got something I got something oh I can lid well I'm killing the game over here bonds daddy is catching freakin iPhones and I'm over here catching cans trying to figure how to do this you just kind of instead of kind of throwing out and dragging it alight you just kind of hop along this edge here right along here and just kind of work your way and you feel it like you full feel a clunk when uh when you grab something [Music] Oh Ansem gotta wait some fishing screening to check that out check that a lug nut off a car prep so this is a road that goes over and this is a road dude it probably came off and bounced it's that not gnarly what is that it's like a panel door to a electrical box or something like a oh right a furnace or yeah something like a door to a furnace hopefully it isn't the door that drains this Creek oh there we go battery can't we're getting somewhere folks I'm trying to get better at this we got a battery and a bolt though we got a great a boat and we go it's creepy it bought self oh I mean that's still pretty new I think you could wash that up I don't know here's the deal you're in the middle of a city like I don't want to know why that's here either fishing bait or someone else a picnic there everyone picnic right here and there butter knife oh and their kids could yeah they could murder weapon someone doesn't cut a chain to lock to something then ditched it in the water that's it look we got folks we got smartphone clearly I seen better days butter knife that's interesting Bob trying to che know the cut chain with a lock on it so we know what happened that lug nut whatever these things are some piping or some metal me nothing really a drill bit more training some wind some screws some bolts I found a battery and then an industrial-sized cheese grater there's I'm pretty sure with this this sucker is right here I don't know I think I'll take a home we'll give it a shot we'll see if it works that's what we got the first spot this was the urban spot now we want to where we are going to the going to the popular fishing spot popular fishing spots like fishing docks you have to have the loud struck now we are going to the popular fishing spots like the docks and stuff because this is like urban you know whatever we want to find some fishing we won't find some rods and reels by some lures some stuff we could actually use in videos because I think I'll be cool like taking like the lures that we find and then go fishing with them so yeah that's what we're doing next shoe made it to the next spot got a dock like you should be good it's kind of like was this a campground was this golf course what are we city park fishery here we go all right walking out to the dock I think the dock is definitely gonna be easier to find stuff because it's gonna be a lot more precise you know that's just gonna be around the edges where people gonna lose items so we're gonna see what happens here get hooked oh you got some person oh no sir this syrup we got a little bottle cap we're getting somewhere so these boat docks fishing docks any docks if you look down here look how big this crack is so when it's nighttime you pull your phone out you drop it a lot of times it ain't gonna bounce and fall off its gonna go through the crack so how do you get your magnet to the crack suck your magnet out on one side rope around the outside of this bad boy let it sink you can drag it up underneath the dock oh my God look at this keychain that stumps where we got a catfish bill that's the third one of those or fourth I found you know ever look at that what type of lures that horrible circle hook today Oh what we got here boys oh we do have copper yep oh yeah we got a piece of copper this is a copper clad right and it's used for ground wire in which pretty much the only thing we think of is why we have it here somebody probably stole it this is like a very common thing of steel and then maybe they got nervous about selling it or something all right in the bucket all right for bottle cap I don't know wait hook hook half it fell pretty much it nothing really crazy so we're gonna move we're going to like a more popular spot I got like what are you ready describe the spot if you like some modern like a campground we're thinking like a little public campground basically just try to find more populated area so I know my audience better off the screen yeah source goes by hop so here we go a pair boy oh yeah fun Oh what else I get what the phone all these are still oh yeah that's my tackle box jeez first throw boys pair of pliers bottle cap hello why people just throw the stuff in the water not that not the pliers I'm sure that was an active like come on don't don't don't be throwing your stuff in the water right the stuff doesn't disintegrate now I gotta go run around and put all this stuff in a bucket clean up the environment you know the right hands BJ tell me you have never used BJ I found a bj b JJ BJ catfish bait breath function oh my look at all this dude what is that sorry that ain't no wait no I do it oh look dude get some noise and tweezers someone's lying little cutters you know yeah or they shoot line cutters in their fingernails they could be getting a manicure out here it must be like a rattle for a bait that you put on the bottom like for catfishing like a rattle that's a look at that it'd be nice catch - the old tootsie Oh catfish bait batteries mr. Pancho just a bunch of Oh Clippers pliers Oh a catfish Bell Mountain I mean he automatically knew what it was we like what's that cabbage bo now so not much boys so far so far hasn't been great I said the the urban the urban scene urban Creek produced you know the smartphone it's a bigger project but bigger objects this has just been just some little guys but we're gonna try to find one one more spot to find some juicy alright ladies and gentlemen we're at the final spot this is like a big recreational lake so this could be absolutely juicy Oh what do we got here boys big chunk of metal rusty metal alright we'll take it oh I got a socket look at that dude good oh yeah oh dude I can go repair things or something oh you're at what is it it is a no it's a car quest not a craftsman but decent I'll go get it oh we're go this is the tactic boys be one with the lake that's true this feels pretty good actually it's all about that angle breath well I got a ton of stuff two screws and nail washer score boys in the bucket she goes howdy magnet fishing magnet fishing so we're using a magnet to catch metal objects that appeal have dropped all sorts of stuff yeah you never know what you're gonna find it's like treasure hunting yeah yep that's I mean you never know might find something valuable Wow we are done ladies gentlemen we have completed the first Magna fishing video that I've ever done Bobby's on these this train will be linked down below he's got a few of them he's found some pretty awesome things not a phone though bombs daddy came in clutch for first first ever phone that's been found I mean it the battery was ripped out of it I'll what do you think think about that put this think about this someone rips the batter and throws it in yeah that's pretty sketchy wonder if there's a way I can is you think there's a card what do you there is it's right here no way yes that's a car right there regardless boys all right so we're gonna try to get this but this will be a different episode week if we can try to get onto this now that I want a snoop but it just just out of curiosity what we want to sneak probably honest new yeah these are what we got here we got you know catfish Bell cut chain butter knife little set some hooks pliers batteries some more pals cheese grater you guys saw that that's pretty much about it I mean we got some some BJ's catfish bait but anyways that's what we found again if you guys enjoyed let me know drop a comment down below make sure you hit a like on this video if you guys like it I'll continue this we'll go back to Omaha we'll go to Texas we'll do you know around the Dugan squat house all different locations we can go anywhere in the world basically and throw magnets around and catch catch stuff see where you catch I think it's fun I actually really didn't think much of it but then bobby was like dude I've done this it's sick now it's a guy let's try it let's just see and it was honestly awesome it's like you just never know what you're gonna find it's kind of like Rob's little beep beep metal detecting but I set up beep B and you're just chucking a hunk of metal and everybody looks at you like you're a freaking idiot so anyways really appreciate you boosts