I'm gonna try to grab it all right don't move that rope hopefully it ain't a turtle what up guys and welcome back to another one welcome back to another solid-solid this will be I guarantee it hope I didn't just jinx it this should be a solid video we are at a County Park in a massive massive city a ton of you are from here and we got ducks quacking in the background so we're about an hour away from my home and today today boys we're gonna be doing some underwater footage a ton of you have requested to see underwater footage of that magnet in action so I got me a PVC pole with a GoPro mount on the end of it so what we're gonna do is when we latch onto something heavy we're gonna shove that camera underneath there and get the footage of it footage for the boy but it's me and dad yet again you guys have been absolutely loving the videos that me and dad have been doing together so we've been having a great time together honestly the magnet fishing videos have been doing so well you guys have been loving them you guys have been dropping your comments down below let me know what you want to see more of and what you kind of don't like so I appreciate it even if it's good negative positive doesn't matter I appreciate you guys always dropping your comments down there and let me know what you do or don't like but I'm gonna throw on the old GoPro we're gonna get after it boys got the old gloves on we are ready to go boys and gals but look at that and that's sweet got the old PVC pole for the underwater foot up and look at this we're gonna be able to reach way under the water can get some footy no this is our first dock it is actually an ice fishing house I thank you yeah it's got a yep won't let's just go on in here check it out haha oh boy yeah oh yeah this is sweet we might have just struck gold here boys well I think we're gonna start outside then we're gonna work our way in how deep is it oh it's really really deep oh good dad says it's like 12 foot let's see oh yeah oh boy Wow you're not kidding yeah that's probably 12 every bit of 12 foot I'm excited this is a very very populated County Park do you guys know where I'm at drop a comment down below a lot of you were from here like I had said but with this being so deep I can feel that big old magnet just stretching this rope so it's going to be hard to tell when we got something on because it's just so deep and you have so much rope out there all right I'm gonna pull her up first pole of the day up we got a we got a couple three hooks and one with a very weird lure situation I don't know what you're going to catch with that well I just went this whole span right along the edge we're gonna pull it up getting to the end here oh man that is just deep deep deep deep deep got something on there what do we got here we have a very corroded lure situation then we have a piece of what I believe probably was a stringer or something we have another little odd lure finding anything yet hooks yeah that's what I'm getting a bunch of hooks yeah it's an end of a stringer well I think dad's gonna stay out there a minute I'm gonna come in here this little ice fish and what I believe to be an ice fishing area if I'm wrong correct me down below but we're just gonna give her a full sin shall we oh yeah how deep is it here well not near as deep good about six foot here I don't been bobbing her around this whole side we've almost made it all the way around it goes from like six foot literally a cliff over there just really starts drop it off and diving another hook but all I'm catching right now is hooks there's a nail man it feels like so I'm back where I started floats like I got something on there oh yeah Oh dad we got them this have been in there a little while oh they broke over some needlenose maybe down there for a while yeah yeah yeah look at that look bet you they'll clean right up huh there we go first good fight of the day well the old pliers if you guys enjoy the old underwater footing no it's kind of cool seeing the different dynamic of the actual underwater so this water is a little dirty guys it's a little oh man Wow something there oh my there's something big in here I think well there's something right here I don't know what it is oh man there something heavy right here I don't see if I can jiggle it loose it's really in the like it's really down there all right well there's something heavy down there that I really cannot I can't tell what it is and I can't move a whole bunch so we're gonna put the camera down there and see if we can see what it is because I can't budget I don't know what that is hopefully when we watch the footage back we can see what's down there because I can't even move it I've been trying to move it for about five minutes here I cannot even move it so hopefully that underwater footage let us see what that is look at that another lure that's the third lure of the day that's probably the best one yeah how do we got here Starbucks lid first Starbucks lid ever that's pretty neat it's amazing what type of finds will intrigue you after doing this enough hmm look at that it's like one of them weights to like a throw net or something Oh dad got the magnet stuck it's hooked onto something or it's hooked on I don't know it is latched onto something I mean you can pull the oh yeah it's stuck here I'll hold it you get down there you get down there and I'll hand it to you all right well dad's gonna try to pull it this way and try to get it unstuck good deal it came unhooked nice I thought we lost a magnet nothing's on it is it not a darn thing it was it was hooked well it's starting to sprinkle on us hopefully it don't just start raining tremendously it's a beautiful day there's any raindrops on the lens that during this during this time on this lovely old doc I am sorry but we're gonna be doing it in the rain I think I'm gonna start right here actually you know what I'm gonna start back here all the way on the shallow walkway and work my way up that way we know we're covering this bad boy I think it's gonna get deep quick fellers oh yeah here we go new doc got that fresh new filling yep just dropped off about 8 foot there oh yeah come on now I'm ready for something new there's something there's something [Music] that's a good find Wow look at that a little scooter that's awesome that's a good find right there fellers look at that it's been in there yeah that's a first it's got some definite corrosion on it that's a first oh if you guys like that drop a big old thumbs up check it out I'm proud of that find we'll be taking that home and clean it up for the kids oh man that that makes me happy you know you know what happened some little kid was cruising down this deal lost control spin it up underneath the railing and there she went mama didn't help him get it back whoa that fires me up no what'd you get dad oh yeah an old lighter look at that Yeller Yeller lighter nice find well that scooter has me all pumped up still I've been battling something here getting a ton of bubbles and I think I have a bunch of fishing string yep we've got a nice lure on there it looks like yep see what we got here pulled up a bundle a fishing string look at that jerk bait but there she is check that bad boy out I bet you that thing ain't cheap jerk baits are usually pretty high-dollar that's not very old at all the the hooks are still good that was just lost not too long ago it might be look what dad just got that looks like a little great to a barbecue grill has to be he's been latching on to something right here repetitively and yeah there might be a barbecue grill down there you might be right well we are at the next location it's right through them trees right there another dock but check out we got a look at it real quick a little midday update what time is it dad 11 oh dude 11:02 we've been here for a couple hours probably but this is probably one of our coolest fines that we've ever found I'm just freaking awesome I cannot believe we found a scooter I always wanted to find like a bicycle or a scooter or even a moped you know but heck of a fine right there all my magnificient buddies out there you know what I'm saying when you find something like this jewel something to be proud of let's go hit this other dog look at this real quick look at all the trash the entire Bank this whole Bank over here and then look at this over here lined with trash nothing but trash now you guys see why they closed parks and they closed these places like this to people being able to fish him because of this guys look literally someone bought a fishing pole and threw the package down like come on that just kills me like seriously I thought that the littering just it really gets me but we're gonna throw in here a lot did this is some brown colored poop water going on said it's dad saying it's a lot whoa it's real shallow yeah pretty shallow action going on here gentlemen I always say boys and gentlemen but if there's any ladies watching I don't mean to leave you out well you got there dad Anson to Smirnoff that's a brand-new chew can yeah let's just pitch her shoot whole entire chicken look still dry in there Wow old grizzly shout out I don't know what it is I don't know what it is but there's something on here what is that look at that a razor blade knife look at that that's brand-new huh yeah I needed that earlier to cut off all the string that I kept catching look at that that sucker is not very old well let's clean her up clean her up Bob help got something on here what do we got Oh mob caught him a fishing rod holder first one of those Wow I'm coming up with all the findings dad where you at I think I'm gonna take a nap yeah I max I am absolutely killing the game today that is a heck of a fine look at that whoa we're on him now boys we're on him now what do you got there it was like a fairly new bolt nut you mean no you're a nut I'm a nut what do you got on there where you got on there Oh dad with the finding we're just giving them crap about not finding anything look at him that's not an old go yeah that's a pretty everything we're finding like is new look at that that thing is new look what happened it broke just broke off watch tanto bigan and it just ripped it off well whoever this is we got it back for you that's a heck of a fight that's your best find all day about time yeah well I threw out all the way over there I've drugged this whole way so you forgot anything on here look at that a handle I swear every time every video we find at least one handle why why just the handles I have no idea what's down there but it's not very ferrous or matte magnetic I'm gonna try to grab it don't lose that rope hopefully it ain't a turtle oh good I don't know I thought I felt it move I didn't like it fill it right there yeah yeah I'm freaked out that's it's a little freaky put your hand down there I don't this yeah leave it I got all move I think it just whatever it was it fell it fell over onto my hand freaked me out yeah it's not very not magnetic it's not very strong it's not grabbing onto it very well yeah forget that nope nope that not freak me out oh boy what did we get here check it out got a little net piece of metal of some sort look at that little net yeah third net that we've ever found that's a little bitty men on that for a little bitty minnow bucket that's cool the findings have really slowed down really giving it our best we found some decent stuff well it's been slowing down like I just stated just took off the old GoPro and I wanted to show you guys this on the big camera literally lit her holy check out all the trash this is why they closed public parks for fishing people because the more and more this stuff happens this is the other side of the dock this is just one dock the more this stuff happens the more look look on down yonder down the shore look more trash just a whole entire Bank the trash is absolutely atrocious like it's just I've never seen that much trash on a fishing pond Bank I've never seen it it's sad it's sad as humans come on people we can do better we're gonna call it a day we're gonna head up to the truck and we're gonna see what all we found today I hope you guys really enjoyed this video I really tried to get as much underwater footage as possible it's not as easy as possible because these docks that we fished the bottoms are really silty number one and number two the water is not clear at all so the footage underwater it becomes pretty hard but check it out here's all of our finds of the day I'm gonna start over on this side here's that little net I just found dad's real fishing pole holder that's a nice one that's definitely reusable someone's whole Lucky Dipper Yello and then we got the razor knife a lighter another pair of pliers how many pairs of pliers have we found do you think six five or six probably five or six and then the absolute jewel this is probably one of our best finds to date don't you think yeah that was the surprise element of today yeah definitely it's a new client never found something like that before yeah definitely the scooter the scooter puts it just puts everything else to shame today make sure you let me know down below if you like the underwater footage if you want more underwater footage of me and Dad well we will try to find some cleaner ponds and lakes so we can get some better underwater footage these were a little dirty so I want to thank you guys for watching like always I'm loving this magnet fishing community that we're building here on the channel if you're new to the channel welcome if you're new and you haven't subscribed you need to do so now but thank you guys for watching we'll see you on the next one just some tricks Bob